At the moment, the African Terminal is running its test phase as part of an artistic project of geheimagentur, Hamburg. Our goal for the future is to become a cooperative.

The cooperative

For the first transaction in summer 2017 geheimagentur has provided a start-up capital of 10.000€ from project funding for the FREE PORT BAAKENHÖFT. The African Terminal members assembly decides collectively on the investment of the start-up capital. The income of our first trading transaction will then be distributed according to a system of shares. The cooperative has issued 500 shares in total, of which 300 are in the hand of the African Terminal traders. 200 shares, each worth 20 euros, can still be acquired.


As a shareholder, you invest in the transactions of African Terminal and will thus be entitled to a share of its income. After the first transaction is accomplished, we will send you our business report. You can then decide: Do you want to be payed out or do you want to invest in our next transaction? Also, at any time, there is the possibility to donate money for qualification measures of the African Terminal traders.

Do you want to become a trader at the African Terminal? Did you come to Hamburg from an African country within the last three years and want to become active in the import-export business? At the moment, ten traders are organized in the African Terminal. Whenever someone drops out or as soon as we expand our transaction volume, we will admit new members. Please contact us, if you are interested!