From April to October 2018, the African Terminal collaborates with the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. Still, we have an important interest in the old Afrika Terminal on the Baakenhöft in the port of Hamburg, the place where our initiative was founded.


Today, the big warehouse of the old Africa Terminal is vacant. If the city of Hamburg temporarily granted us access to the terminal, we could try to turn the place into a truly African Terminal. As part of a larger cooperation with other cultural institutions or collectives that can animate the place as a cultural hub, this is what we aim for in the midterm. geheimagentur has issued a potential analysis for the Baakenhöft that can be obtained on demand.

Beyond the actual place, this is our vision:
Imagine, cultural production wouldn’t look at migration as a chance to make migrants participate in cultural production. Instead, cultural production itself would be used as an alternative mode of production and put at the service of migration. Imagine, migration would no longer be seen as a journey from beginning to end, leaving one country behind to ideally become member of another, but as an endless entanglement of people and things in motion, an entanglement migrants are usually experts for. Imagine the multitude of alternative supply chains people with migrational experience would be able to build. Imagine, they wouldn’t constantly being stopped, but supported to do that.