On August 17, 2017 the African Terminal will be opened officially at the site of the former Afrika Terminal on Petersenkai/Hafencity. Come by from August 17 to 24, bring a thing to donate and have a look at how it is being shipped!


August 17 11.30 a.m.
Press Conference
6.00 p.m. Opening
August 19 from 2 p.m. Things for Drinks: Trade used household items for drinks! With a guided tour trough the African Terminal, and African music live.
14.00 Uhr guided tour through the old AFRIKA TERMINAL
16.00 Uhr HARD BREAKA in concert. afterwards DJ set by Kofi

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The African Terminal is part of FREE PORT BAAKENHÖFT by geheimagentur and Hamburg Port Hydrarchy in the frame of International Summerfestival Kampnagel.

Learn more about FREE PORT BAAKENHÖFT in a press release of geheimagentur:

"The destiny of Hamburg's port is in the hands of the Hamburg Port Authority. Not always to the best of the people: The cruise shipping boom and smart port logistics, but no space whatsoever for an alternative development of the port. This is not being discussed enough in the city, the secret agency declared, and founded Hamburg Port Hydrarchy. This alternative body now opens the FREE PORT BAAKENHÖFT, a different port for the here and now. In the FREE PORT, there will be a proper jetty, a harbor museum, the African Terminal, a regatta course and a ship welcoming station.“

At the moment, the African Terminal is a mobile installation that can also be set up at other places connected to the history of colonialism, especially in the framework of cultural events, festivals and exhibitions with a thematic link to our concerns. Please contact us if you are interested!